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Maui Weddings Packages

Maui Marrying Muse
  • ~ Get Maui'd on the Beach ~

    Then escape to an Intimate Private Reception


    Beach Weddings on Maui's Sunny South Side with

    Stunning Ocean View Sunset Receptions


    Exclusively Intimate Receptions for smaller parties

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    Have a delightfully Enchanting Morning Wedding


     Saunter back to your Honeynoon Luv Nest

    You would be just like a Honeymooner...but a wee bit sooner


    Video & Photography favor Morning Weddings for better 'subject'  lighting

    with an ocean view in the background


    The early morning sun rises, enlightens & clearly illuminates the wedding party

    offers Ocean & off shore Island Views that have

    Naturally Optimized Contrast & Vivid Beauty


    After your HoneyNoon & a long luxurious nap

    Meander up to a Romantic 'Get away'

    just a few short miles

    but yet...

    Far Far away from the hectically Crowed Cliché Cafes


    Welcome your close family & friends to your

    Ocean view Reception

    enjoy a private reception with the soothing sounds of a

    Heavenly Harp with Angelic vocals

    'Talk Story' about your travels, plans & dreams...


    Enjoy all the glory of our

    Famous West facing Ocean Sunsets at your reception

    Have a champaign toast, cut the cake enjoy the view....

    ... later you can enjoy your 2cd Honeymoon!

    (no extra charge ;-)

    ~        ~      ~       ~      ~       ~        ~


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